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About Purchase

The order is targeting independent contractors or companies.
Please withhold the more general one.In that there is no telling which product should be tried on the present condition etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

As soon as we confirmed the order form from you, we will correspond by a telephone or mail by return.
About handling of personal information, the notation concerning a specific commercial transaction in privacy policy should confirm a corporate profile.

About the International Shipping


Our 8500 Glass Coating for Car Body and other coating agents above are regarded as Class 3, Flammable Liquid which must be delivered by the expert of dangerous goods shipping forwarder not by EMS or general shipping company. We would like to send the flammable goods by FEDEX who can send as door-to-door service. However, it might not be able to be delivered depends on the customers area code in each country. In that case, we would like to send the flammable liquids by another shipping company by air or ship.



Other products except the above, we can send by EMS, FEDEX or another shipping company.
We would like to send the goods with the best rates according to the customers order volume so please feel free to contact us anytime about the shipping procedure.

International Payment

We take international bank transfer(T/T) ,credit card or Paypal. For T/T transfer, we would like to charge 20USD. For Paypal, we would like to charge 4.2% of subtotal(product fees and shipping fees). please confirm with us by e-mail for more details.

Credit Card Payment



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