Vol.4 pamphlet is finally out.


Vol.4 pamphlet is finally is finally out.


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Research and Development of High-functional surface technology.

We research and develop high-performance surface coating by applying organic/inorganic synthetic chemistry.

We will cooperate another research and development institute to develop high performance, high quality products for not only Japanese domestic market but also for international market as well at the “Science Park” where companies involved in science and technological research and development.

1, Main Office・Laboratory
3-10-18, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan


2 Phone and Fax number
Tell +81-82-493-7700
FAX +81-82-493-7701


3 E-mail address


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・Bus:12 minutes

Chugoku JR Bus/(bound for Kurose・Kure)Saijo station ~ Suigenchimae, 5 more minutes to walk.

・Taxi:10 minutes

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・Taxi:10 minutes

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・Bus:40 minutes

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