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Shinkin Bank Fair

 We participated in “Shinkin Bank Fair” in Tokyo Dome on November 12 and 13th.

 At this exhibition, we introduced our super hydrophilic coating, and super hydrophobic coating. We prepared 2 bathroom mirror, one for hydrophilic, and the other one for hydrophobic. For both type of coating, we divide the mirror into half, and then apply coating on one side.

 With super hydrophilic coating, even the permanent marker do not stay on the coated surface when you spray water on it. As water will go under the permanent marker and take the maker with it.With super hydrophobic coating, when you drop water by dropper, water just slide off the mirror. But the other half without coating, when you do same thing, water stay on the surface which in the future will cause water spot, scale on the mirror.

 At this exhibition, we had chance to talk to wide range of people from house wife who always have trouble with their bathroom mirror, to building maintenance company who also struggle for cleaning big glass window. We will keep improving our coating for different people, different needs to make it easier to for them to maintain.

 Here the picture of our booth and exhibition grand. (If you click the picture, you can enlarge them)

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