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BP Grandphix 2014

 We have exhibited to the BP GRAND PRIX 2014 at INTEX OSAKA from Nov 1st – 2nd.

BP GRAND PRIX is a competition of dent repair skills, painting skills and accuracy of quotation for customers, more than 1000 professionals in each sections competed to their best and 30 finalists were elected.

There were many audiences trying to study their professional skills. Some of them were our customers and they use our products.

At our booth, we demoed our special compounds “Easiest Mirror TAKUMI” on sanded(#2500 – #3000) paint surface and remove scratches/finish surface only by 1 step polishing. Then we applied “ECO 7000 glass coating” on the polished surface. They praised for its speed and good finish. It ended with a good expected result.

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