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Motor Cycle Show 2014

 We participated in “Osaka Motor Cycle Show 2014” from March 21st to 23rd. At their 30th anniversary of Motor Cycle Show, this year was the biggest ever and more than 55 thousands people visited during show.

 We demonstrate our “Si-700” and “Fluorocarbon Polymer”. “Si-700” enhance gloss, water beading, and also very very slick finish after the application. Application is quite easy. Just like car wax after car wash. Spray onto microfiber cloth, and apply to the surface, use dry side to wipe off. That is it. Then you will have super shiny surface on car, motorcycle, or even for bicycle frame.

 With “Fluorocarbon Polymer” you can remove, fill, hair line scratches swirls and give glossy finish at the same time. You do not have polishing machine to remove scratches, no problem at all. You can use this Fluorocarbon polymer with microfiber towel to hide the imperfections.

 People who came to our booth was surprised the easiness to apply and result of our products.Here are some pictures of Motor Cycle Show.

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