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Marte-FES in Osaka 2014

 We participated in “Osaka Marte Festival 2014” on March 8th, and 9th. Since this year was “Ohtsuka Brush Mf, CO.,Ltd” 100th anniversary year, they set up a tour for those who live in different city. For 2 days, more than 30 thousands people visited during festival. It was great opportunity for us to meet our existing customers as well as new customers.

 At this festival we introduced our new finish, swirl remover compound called Easiest Mirror Nano. This compound contain 0.02 micron abrasive and made it possible to remove swirls that other compound could not remove. Even with Black solid color, such as Toyota 202, 212 paint, now with Easiest Mirror Nano, we are sure that you will be very happy with the mirror finish result you never experienced before. Sample size is available from 100ml, please try and feel the difference.

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