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We exhibited to NAGOYA MARUTE FAIR at Port Messe NAGOYA from February 16th to 17th.

More than 5,000 people visited the exhibition in 2 days and our booth was very popular, because it was 4 years since it held last. We did the demos of Easiest Mirror HARD, Black Fluorocarbon Polymer Coating.Easiest Mirror HARD can cut the #1500 sanding paper’s scratches which latest Easiest Mirror/ Easie4st Mirror TAKUMI couldn’t. Black Fluorocarbon Polymer Coating can seal the small chips from pebble strikes and also seal the faded clear-coat to make it look better. We brought the real bonnet to our booth and polished with Easiest Mirror HARD, then finish with Easiest Mirror TAKUMI, we got “wow” from them. For the Black Fluorocarbon Polymer Coating, we polished the surface to the failed clear-coat conditions, then restore with Black Fluorocarbon Polymer Coating. They again liked this products. Easiest Mirror TAKUMI can finish the light colored paint surface only in 1 step, and Plus Shinier KIWAMI can enhance its gloss when you detail dark colored paint surface after TAKUMI. We assume they had experienced new type of “Polishing” at this exhibition.

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