Introduction of Research and Development

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are engaged in the research and development of surface coating agents that protect various materials from deterioration caused by sunlight (UV) and acid rain with silicone coating agents that have the same structure as glass.

Aiming at highly advanced research and the development of superior products, we hope to provide highly functional, high-quality surface coating agents to not only Japan but also all over the world with the cooperation of various research institutes, in addition to the flexible, original ideas we have cultivated so far at the Hiroshima Central Science Park, where national, prefectural, university, and private research institutes are concentrated.

We will continue to provide the best products and services to our customers.

What is Hiroshima Central Science Park ?

Hiroshima Central Science Park is a research park established by Hiroshima Prefecture to promote the concentration of industries that support R&D and new product development.

Our mottor is "Developing the products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world"

The Crystal Process R&D Department is working day and night on new surface coating agents that make full use of the organic and inorganic synthesis technologies it has cultivated over the years.

Here are some of the products we are working on.

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High Tech X1 coating series

It is a glass coating agent whose main backbone is three-dimensional siloxane bonding, which has the same structure as glass.

As a hybrid glass coating agent with both organic and inorganic properties, it forms a protective coating layer with excellent properties such as high weather resistance, high water repellency, scratch resistance, heat resistance, salt resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and toughness that are not degraded by sunlight(UV) and acid rain.

One Step Polishing System

This patented new technology provides a mirror finishing method for painted surfaces that enables mirror finishing of deeply scratched painted surfaces in a single polishing process, facilitates operation of the polisher as a polishing tool, and suppresses temperature rise of the painted surface during polishing.

Registration number Japanese Patent No 5193277
Registration date February 8, 2013
Title of Invention The method of mirror finish for painted surface.

Polisher Plating System

This patented new technology uses pressure from a polisher to smooth metal particles in the fluid and apply a mirror-finish plating film without removing the part.

Registration number Japanese Patent No 6836806
Registration date February 10, 2021
Title of Invention The method of metal foaming coating